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Art(work) Is So Unpredictable

July 25, 2011

Was it the fact that I’d been seriously neglecting my art development (sounds so corporate, eh?), or was it stupidity? Maybe it was both.

I started with the greatest of intentions. I’d spend ten minutes working on this one project before moving on to the dozen other, hot projects that needed my attention. Six hours later I was finally wrapping it up. Sheesh!

This is the essence of the problem of working on, dabbling in and learning how to create one’s artwork. Sure, I justified to myself as the time ticked away, I can use the final product in several other places. As I progressed through moving each section and redrawing parts that needed new alignment and a fresh look, I kept thinking, “This will only take ten minutes.” Ha!

The further you get into each shape, brush stroke and whatnot you see something new to tweak. Wouldn’t this look better with this curve added? If I just smudge this part, it will balance with the other side. A shade lighter will make this part pop. The possibilities are endless.

Dachshund with Cornucopia

Clip from Dachshund and Cornucopia

One of the great problems of creating art is that how ‘finished’ a piece is is entirely predicated on the creator. Where one artist may be satisfied with a stroke her and shift there, another may take the same piece and work on it for days, weeks or even years. Beauty and completion are in the eye of the beholder.

As Sondheim once said, “Art isn’t easy.” But is it worth it? That depends upon your point of view. You may not see the value in the changes. And if no one sees it, or the time lost fiddling on this project is extremely costly to something else that couldn’t be recouped, the time investment could be a bust.

On the one hand, it was very satisfying having gotten this not-too-heavy monkey off my back. It was some art development I’d wanted to get completed for some time. On the other hand, I am seemingly terrible at time management on occasion. It’s this latter part that drives me nuts.

I’m glad to have made one giant leap forward. Now the trick will be to continue chipping away at work without each visit lasting a coon’s age. Damn, it’s annoying to be creative!

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